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Joining Forces to Foster Responsible AI

As a neutral and independent institution, we see it as our responsibility to actively contribute to and be part of the global dialogue on ethical AI governance and regulation.

Activities of the network

We leverage the expertise of our members to promote the ethical development and use of AI technologies. We believe that combining the knowledge and expertise of individuals across diverse fields, is key to achieving this goal within ETH and beyond.

Sounding board

Offering AI governance and ethics expertise, actively engaging in ETH and public conversations.

Policy impact

Fostering awareness and dialogue with Swiss policymakers through targeted events and resources.

Public engagment

Championing initiatives to enhance public awareness, comprehension, and inclusivity in Switzerland.

Research & education

Linking ETH members to highlight opportunities in education and research.

Earth Projection

The Network

An initiative of the Associate Vice President of Digital Transformation and Governance at ETH Zurich, our network connects thought leaders in AI ethics and policy. The goal is to ensure that AI is designed and used in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Effy Vayena

Academic Director

Prof. Dr. Effy Vayena

Associate Vice President for Digital Transformation and Governance. Leads Chair of Bioethics, ETH Zurich

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Sara Kijewski

Director of Operations

Dr. Sara Kijewski

Chair of Bioethics, ETH Zurich

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Elliott Ash

Academic Co-Director

Prof. Dr. Elliott Ash

Chair of Law, Economics, and Data Science, ETH Zurich

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Joanna Sleigh

Director of Communications

Dr. Joanna Sleigh

Chair of Bioethics, ETH Zurich

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Earth Projection
3D Printed Models

Policy Bites

Stay up to date with our AI ethics policy bites. Topics range from the impact of AI on society to the latest policies and innovations that support the governance of responsible AI.

Balanced Objects


Learn more about AI ethics and policy. The ETH offers courses for students and professionals on topics like ethical AI development to strategies for implementing AI policies.

Levitating Objects


Take a look at our collection of selected resources on AI ethics and policy in education and beyond.

Chairs Display


Join our events that bring together students, professionals and experts. Through dialogue and collaboration, help shape policies and practices in AI that reflect our values and ideals as a society.

Earth Projection

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