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UN Advisory Interim Report: Governing AI for Humanity

Issued December 2023


The report urges improved global cooperation in developing AI. It highlights benefits like scientific progress but also warns of risks such as biases and surveillance. Unequal distribution of benefits is a concern. Governance is essential to manage risks and ensure accountability, aiming to maximize AI's positive impact, including addressing climate change and achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

What is it about

AI systems are machines that use input to figure out how to create outputs like predictions, content, recommendations, or decisions, with the power to impact both real and virtual surroundings.

Who it is for

The guideline is for all policymakers, international organizations, governmental bodies, and stakeholders involved in shaping the governance of artificial intelligence (AI).

Related work

The UN AI Advisory Body will publish its final report ahead of the Summit of the Future, in the summer of 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Proposes enhancing international AI governance through risk scanning, collaboration for SDGs, and supporting accountability.

  • Proposes guiding principles: Inclusivity, public interest, data governance, universal multistakeholder approach, and adherence to international law.

  • Outlines institutional responsibilities: Regular assessment, standard harmonization, collaboration promotion, risk monitoring, and accountability norm development.

  • Advocates for ensuring equal representation for all countries, and stresses the necessity of global cooperation of institutions.

United Nations AI Advisory Body (2024)


Why is this guidance important?

Ensuring that AI realises its potential for the benefit of humanity while keeping risks in check will require global cooperation and governance. The interim report identifies important principles and guidelines in that direction, and serves as an invitation to provide feedback in an open consultation process.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Krause

Member of the High-Level Advisory Body on AI

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