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World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance: Presidio AI Framework

Issued January 2024


Generative AI presents societal opportunities and risks, demanding a balance of safety, ethics, and innovation. The Presidio AI Framework provides a structured approach, emphasizing a comprehensive life cycle view, robust risk guardrails, and early risk identification. The guidance calls for collaboration and shared responsibility, promoting ethical development and proactive risk management in generative AI.

What is it about

AI systems are machines that use input to figure out how to create outputs like predictions, content, recommendations, or decisions, with the power to impact both real and virtual surroundings.

Who is it for

This framework is made for AI model creators, adapters, users, and application users.

Related work

This paper series is from the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance and is composed of three briefing papers.

Key Takeaways
  • Generative AI can transform society but due to risks like hallucinations and misuse, it requires a balance of safety, ethics, and innovation.

  • Describes the AI life cycle and identifies which actors are responsible and different levels of governance.

  • Explains safety measures for different stages of making generative AI, focusing on preventing issues rather than fixing them later.

  • Reccomends applying a shift-left methodology (common in software engineering) for putting safeguards in place as early as possible in the generative AI process.


Why is this guidance important?

The framework promotes the responsible use and regulation of AI, particularly focusing on generative AI models.

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